Your Career With Terraform

2 min readNov 24, 2021


The goal of DevOps is to perform software delivery more efficiently, and that’s where tools like Terraform can help.

Why Terraform?
Terraform allows you to treat infrastructure as code. It has become more popular because it has a simple syntax that allows easy modularity and works across multiple public clouds, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM Cloud Services, Adobe Creative Cloud, Kamatera, VMware, etc

Career growth potential in DevOps after acquiring Terraform Skills?

With Hashicorp’s IPO in the news, this is one “must have skill” for every DevOps enthusiast on their resume.

Let’s take a look at which Terraform skills jobs are in demand:

1. Terraform Developer:

A Terraform developer is a highly skilled individual who can efficiently code for building and versioning infrastructure against multi-cloud.

2. DevOps Engineer:
DevOps engineers work on code with the dev team, oversee code releases, and also manage the deployment and operation processes.

3. Terraform Software Engineer:

As a Terraform Software Engineer you will build cloud-native microservices. You will also develop CI/CD systems integrating terraform.

4. Back-end Developer:

Back-end developers are programmers who create the logical back-end and core computational logic of a website, software or information system. These developers create components and features that are indirectly accessed by a user through a front-end application or system.

Remember the Iron Age of IT, when you actually bought your own servers and machines? Infrastructure growth was limited by the hardware purchasing cycle. But as organizations move to the cloud, experience with tools like Terraform is increasingly critical.

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