World Standards Day 2022

World Standards Day is observed on October 14th every year to honor the achievements of professionals and scientists around the world in creating voluntary standards within organizations that establish standards.

For businesses, standards improve systems and processes; they reduce waste, cut costs and ensure consistency and safety.

The growth of the cloud has pushed the issue of security and trust into the spotlight. That’s because cloud services operate very differently from traditional on-premises technology. Organizations moving to the cloud rely on cloud suppliers to manage the infrastructure, operations, and delivery of services. Organizations still control their data, but via cloud-based tools and dashboards. Users can now access work files on their personal mobile devices, rather than only using desktop computers

Google fully understands the security implications of the cloud model and its cloud services are designed to deliver better security than traditional on-premises solutions. And therefore, Google Cloud products regularly undergo independent verification of their security, privacy, compliance controls, achieving certifications, attestations and audit reports to demonstrate compliance too. Get all the information about Google’s certifications and compliance standards it satisfies and general information about certain region or sector-specific regulations here!

Google also has a dedicated internal audit team that reviews compliance with laws and regulations around the world. As new auditing standards are created, the internal audit team determines what controls, processes, and systems are needed to meet them. This team also facilitates and supports independent audits and assessments by third parties.

This World Standards Day, we invite you to complete the Ensure Access & Identity in Google Cloud Quest , where you will learn about many fundamental features of cloud security standards, including how to recognize and assign roles and users using Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Use Code: 1q-wst-14 for free credits! (Valid through 16th October, 2022)



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