Where To Start Your Cloud Professional Journey?

Cloud Computing skills are in high demand. Have you ever considered a career in the cloud? It might be easier than you think. Let’s take a closer look at a Professional Cloud Architect’s career path.

What is a cloud architect? In the information technology field, a cloud architect plans and designs cloud computing solutions. If you are someone who is interested in developing a company’s computing strategy then this is for you. You can apply for jobs like Cloud Architect Solutions, Cloud Consultant and many more.

What are some relevant certifications? Good thinking. Earning certifications is a great way to validate your skills and expertise to future employers. Google’s Professional Cloud Architect exam is designed to…… Work your way up to the professional certification by starting with the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

I’m new to this. Where do I start? You’re in luck! Right now, join the Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge and get access to 40+ hands-on labs free of charge (for a limited time only). Earn badges (including an architecture badge), learn new skills, and start your cloud journey.

Even after the challenge is over, check out the extensive catalog of hands-on labs including opportunities to earn digital badges anytime. Did you know that digital badges can increase your LinkedIn profile views by 600%?