What would you do with $200 on GCP?

Songkick, a U.K.-based concert discovery service owned by Warner Music Group, helps over 175 million music fans from all around the world to track their favorite artists annually using Google Cloud. Licious uses the Google Maps Platform to deliver high quality, fresh products to the doors of Indians in seven major cities. Companies and individuals around the world use GCP for retail, healthcare, financial services, even home improvement !

But what could you do with $200 on GCP? We asked some engineers, and here’s what they said:

  1. Explore blockchain. Did you know there’s a lab for that?
  2. $200 can buy a beefy Minecraft server. There’s a lab for that too.
  3. Play around with a personal App Engine site.
  4. Try out some ML stuff with a GPU in (one of Google’s dozens of) hosted Jupyter notebooks. You guessed it, there’s a lab for that too.
  5. Build a chat bot for something fun like picking the best flavor of ice cream or something — this lab gives you a brief how-to!
  6. Pick the cheapest VM and run a VPN and email relay on it. Here’s the price list.

Of course the list doesn’t end there — how would you use GCP? Let us (and your peers!) know in the comments.

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See you in the cloud!