Upskilling in the Cloud with the Cloud

Employer reports of job vacancies left unfilled due to a lack of adequately skilled applicants have spanned the IT industry for decades. As much as 90% of corporations say that they’re affected by the digital skills gap or expect to be within the next five years. Technologies and business models are evolving rapidly, and companies are deploying a multi-pronged approach to ensure they have the right skills in the right places.

Today, the relationship between traditional graduate skills and employer expectations is ever-changing. To add to it, skill gaps exist across regions, countries and firms of varying sizes. Bridging these gaps is a key step towards a more productive workforce and to employers making the most of today’s talented young people.

Organizations can no longer stick to the event-based training model in an age of talent shortage. This means that you need to provide continuous learning opportunities instead of once-a-year sessions or project-specific courses.

At HSBC, one of the bank’s strategic priorities is digitizing at scale. As people operate in a more digital world, HSBC wants to supply them with services quickly and in ways they want to use them. They initially worked with Google Cloud to implement more than 1,700 data analytics, customer experience, cybersecurity and emission reduction projects. A big part of rolling these out has been getting their teams skilled in the right way.

One of HSBC’s aim is to educate their less technical employees about the broad capabilities that exist within the cloud. IT teams are often the ones to say, “Hey, we could do this in a better, more efficient, different way by using the cloud”, and to make that happen we need to work in close collaboration with our business colleagues, so it’s equally important that they understand the technology.

To enable this kind of innovation, you have to educate the whole organization in the ‘art of the possible’. One of the ways we did that was by organizing a month-long Cloud Festival that reached 10,000 employees, which included three Google Cloud sessions. This really helped HSBC build a foundational level of knowledge with business and technology colleagues across the organization.

As HSBC continues along their training path, interest in the cloud within the organization continues to increase. Their channel for communicating any changes related to cloud technology, processes or ways of working now has an audience of close to 8,000 employees.

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As skills play an important part in growth of an organization and individuals, it is imperative that focus should be shifted to upskilling. Add 23 (or so) new skills and techniques to your toolkit, while sampling certification-based learning paths. Whether you’re thinking about Google Cloud’s Data, DevOps or Networking certifications, or just exploring, New Year New Skills Challenge is the perfect place for you to be!

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