Two ways Terraform can make life easier

Terraform enables you to treat infrastructure as code, but what does that actually mean? Learn how Terraform can solve two different challenges. If you can relate, you might be interested in the new Terraform skill badge, just released.

Challenge 1: “Works on my machine.”

If you work in application development or QA, you know that it’s very difficult to keep staging and QA environments in sync with production. (“Works on my machine” amiright?) Terraform can help. Codify the production environment with Terraform, then use that configuration to rapidly spin up new environments as needed. Lab #2 in the new quest promises to teach you how to “build, change, provision, and destroy” using Terraform.

Challenge 2: “It’s complicated.”

As you grow and your business matures, your infrastructure gets more complicated. You face new challenges, like risky updates, expensive maintenance, and a steep learning curve when you onboard new team members. Here’s where Terraform modules can help. Lab #3 in the new quest teaches you how to use a module from the Registry, plus build your own module for your unique business needs.

Earn the new Automating Infrastructure on Google Cloud with Terraform skill badge, and don’t forget to update your resume with your new Google Cloud credential! (Here’s why.)

Automating Infrastructure skill badge image on a gray background