Turn Your Passion for Cloud into a Career!

Raehan Khan was a student at Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering in India when he first learned about the Google Cloud Career Readiness program, which prepares students and prospective data scientists to take their Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Certification. Find out how he turned an interest in Google Cloud — and plenty of time on Qwiklabs — into a career.

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How did you first hear about the Google Cloud Career Readiness program? What inspired you to enroll?

I heard about the Google Cloud Career Readiness program in my college’s WhatsApp group. The details about the program were posted by one of our college professors, Sachin DN. After going through the details, I decided to enroll in the program so that I can learn more about it. Seeing such great content on cloud really inspired me and I decided to continue on with the program.

What was your experience learning on Qwiklabs and Coursera?

Qwiklabs is an interesting tool which provides a real time cloud environment so that developers and IT professionals can learn about cloud platforms and other softwares easily. I had a really good experience with the platform even having faced some challenges while completing the labs due to me being new to the cloud world. As for Coursera, I can say that it’s one of the best online course providers rich with easy to understand content and is also a user friendly platform.

How many quests did you complete on Qwiklabs leading up to the ACE certification?

I was only going through the course provided quests and completed a total of 6 quests consisting on 35 labs starting from the basic GCP Essentials quest and going up till the Cloud Engineer quest. The quests helped me in better understanding the cloud products and their services.

How did you prepare for the ACE certification?

First I focused on completing the “Architecting with Google Compute Engine” Coursera specialization. Second, I decided to take up the Coursera’s “Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam” course to get an idea of what to expect in the exam. Third, to make sure that I have covered everything to successfully pass the exam, I went through the supporting Qwiklabs’ quests and labs. Finally, I went through the notes that I got from the resources section in Coursera, which I found to be really helpful, and was able to successfully clear my exam.

How did learning about Google Cloud and ACE certification help you land your first job?

After I got my Associate Cloud Engineer certification, one of my friends referred me to an organisation for the position of “Junior Data Scientist”. The interview process was overall challenging but my ACE certification proved to be helpful. The interviewer asked me questions like — “Why did I take up this certification?”, “How can the organisation benefit from my knowledge and certificate?” & “Did the certification covered BigData as a concept?”. He was impressed with my answers and extended me an offer. The offer was totally unexpected and I couldn’t have been happier. I will now be working on the organisation’s huge database, using BIgQuery to extract the data and then using Machine Learning algorithms in order to develop an automated process using previously generated experience.

What advice do you have for those preparing for a career in the Cloud-First world?

My advice would be to use the ACE certification exam as the starting point. Preparing for the exam will help you learn more about the cloud and the certification itself will help you showcase your skills. And obviously, don’t limit yourself just to the ACE exam, after clearing it, you can go for the professional certifications which will help you achieve perfection in the field.

What are you planning to do next? or How would you keep on upskilling yourself for your new job?

I shall not stop upskilling myself. I am next looking at taking up the “Professional Cloud Architect” certification exam to gain more knowledge in the field & the “Professional Data Engineer” certification exam to introduce myself & learn more about Big Data and its applications.

Raehan’s story can be yours too! Click here to learn more about the career readiness program and your eligibility. Practice for your ACE certification today by completing your Cloud Architecture and Cloud Development quests — and enter code 1q-cloud-291 for 3 free credits to help you on your learning journey (code valid until 25 October.)

Watch the video of Raehan’s journey here:



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