Train your machine to train yourself!

From working out to baking delicious cookies, we train ourselves for almost everything. But have you ever trained a machine to perform the perfect push up or fold a fabulous dumpling? There’s a lab for that! Get hands-on experience with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and training robots.

To start with let’s define Machine Learning. Machine learning is a tool by which you give some data to your machine and then the machine learns from it. So next time when you see some emails in your inbox and some directly going into spam, you should know that there’s machine learning behind this.

Machine learning is often interchangeably used with Artificial intelligence but machine learning is just a subset of Artificial intelligence. AI is a broader concept.

So much to learn, but very little material. Good news, Google Cloud provides user-friendly services in these areas and Qwiklabs has you covered with an introductory-level quest. Qwiklabs brings Baseline: Data, ML, AI quest so you can take your first steps with tools like Big Query, Cloud Speech API, and AI Platform. Also there is a short video to provide you some extra help to get started. Complete this quest and earn cool google recognized skill badges for your resume. Happy Learning! Use code 1q-mla-05 to get 7 credits to start your first lab! (Code valid through the weekend only!)