The Answer to your SQL Question

Want to learn more about using BigQuery to maximize your data warehouse?

BigQuery utilizes SQL, and permits you to zero in on dissecting information to discover significant experiences. This database gives you the power to query data without any infrastructure. In this lab you will learn to troubleshoot and fix the common errors you get while working with BigQuery.

You can start with BigQuery Code editor:

  • To use query editor
  • Query to get the data insights from the datasets
  • Troubleshooting the SQL syntax errors
  • To use BigQuery Query editor to troubleshoot common SQL errors

First, make sure you sign into your Qwiklabs account using an incognito window. It is always a good idea to read through the lab manual before starting your lab. When you are ready, click on the start lab button.

  • The lab guides you what to take a gander at and proposes how to address the queries and return significant outcomes.
  • To track with the investigating and recommendations, reorder the inquiry into the BigQuery Query supervisor. In the event that there are mistakes, you see a red outcry point at the line containing the blunder and in the inquiry validator (base corner).

Find the total number of customers who went through checkout

  • Construct a query that shows you the number of unique visitors who have passed through the process checkouts of your website. The data queries help you to initiate the analysis.

List the cities with the most transactions with your e-commerce site

  • This section provides you the queries for ordering and filtering the transaction data. By performing the query in the editor you can figure it out to aggregate the results. Perform the various query and seek for the required results

Find the total number of products in each product category

  • Your final goal is to find the top selling products by filtering with NULL values. Perform the query and learn what went wrong for the query?. Count the distinct products and find the required category


  • Perform query on various data given by analyst
  • Understand where the specific queries went wrong while executing in the editor.
  • Fix any queries in Bigquery Standard SQL easily executing for accurate results
  • You will be one step closer towards completing the quest and earning the badge

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