Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding

We truly couldn’t be more happy and downright thankful to everyone who participated in No-Code November Challenge 2022. Learning new skills is never a bad idea and it’s always a bonus when you can earn some Arcade points along with it!

Congratulations on skilling up and learning all about the low-code/no-code movement and the idea of creating beautiful, rich apps without necessarily knowing how to write Python (or JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.).

The no-code movement can benefit citizen developers and traditional developers alike. Now that you’ve tried a few no-code platforms, you can learn more about tools like AppSheet, Workspace and Apps Script that give you different options to make your way into the world of building apps and creating rich digital experiences.

Learning no-code movement also makes you job ready for tech jobs which don’t require a huge amount of coding experience or knowledge:

1) Business Analyst:
Business Analysts are the individuals who determine the requirements of tools and processes for project completion. They actively assess its current operations, systems, products, and services and suggest cost-saving, higher efficiency strategies.

2) AppSheet Developer:
AppSheet Developers are responsible for developing applications using a Google AppSheet development platform, setting up and configuring systems. AppSheet Developers can build AppSheet apps from data sources, such as Google Sheets, Excel, Cloud SQL and other similar connectors.

3) Data Analyst:
If you love to play with data and are looking forward to getting a tech job that doesn’t require coding skills, then becoming a Data Analyst would be the perfect career option for you. Google Data Studio helps Data Analyst to analyze and visualize data sets without coding!

We hope you enjoyed this challenge.
Stay tuned for the next one.
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