Should I join the Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge?

Here’s what you get when you join the challenge:

  • Valuable real time experience: Qwiklabs is NOT a simulation but a real hands-on experience of the Google Cloud Console. Cloud skills are among the top demanded skills. 86% of IT leaders say their projects are at risk due to lack of skilled professionals. Complete the challenge today, and update your resume tomorrow…
  • Badges to validate your skills: As you make progress in the challenge, you will earn digital badges. Add them to your CV as proof of your “flight time” in the cloud.
  • Start-up or side hustle? We’re here for it, whatever your goals may be. As part of the challenge, you’ll dive into Kubernetes, cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, game development, and more. All labs in this challenge were selected to be approachable for cloud newcomers, but also interesting for cloud pros.

So why wait? Sign up for the challenge now.

Surprise Surprise! Apart from the above mentioned awesome perks we have some goodies that can be yours. Here’s how!