Scaling with the Cloud

Promotions are the key to success for any retail organization. That’s why we have institutions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wayfair, an online furniture and home goods retailer, took things one step further. In 2018, the company launched Way Day, an annual sale event featuring deep discounts on many of Wayfair’s most popular product categories.

The first Way Day was an amazing success, but Wayfair knew it needed to make its infrastructure stronger to keep up with the company’s exponential growth. Wayfair carries a large number of products in order to serve its diverse audience. With more than 22 million different products from over 16,000 suppliers, the company needed a technology partner to help it expand beyond its on-premises data centers and scale for large shopping events.

Wayfair’s engineering team wanted to select a cloud provider that would help enable them to build a solution that was a perfect fit for the organization. And that’s why Wayfair chose Google Cloud.

Scalability is a big issue with on-premises data centers. To accommodate bursts in demand like those seen by retailers during discount events, you have to predict traffic well in advance, provision equipment, and ensure that the servers are available and functional when needed. If your predictions fall short or if there are unforeseen delays in the provisioning process, you may be unable to accommodate the increased demand. Even if you do have enough capacity for the spike, you end up with expensive equipment sitting idle during non-peak periods.

With Google Cloud’s help, Wayfair tackled the burst in demand for peak events like Way Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Wayfair also improved the quality of experience for both its customers and its suppliers by using Google Cloud’s smart analytics platform to gain real-time insights into their data. Wayfair ingests data from Pub/Sub, which is then stored centrally, with unstructured data in Dataproc and structured data in BigQuery.

Wayfair also benefits from Looker’s powerful data visualization capabilities to create curated dashboards that provide insight at whatever granularity a given team member might need.

Customers benefit from Wayfair’s ability to use this data to make intelligent, personalized recommendations and suppliers benefit because Wayfair can provide feedback and forecasting, helping improve inventory and better predict customer demand.

Recently, Wayfair also partnered with Google Cloud to upskill their teams. And you too can get hands-on experience with tools and services like Looker and BigQuery by following the Data Analyst Learning Path. This learning path will guide you through a curated collection of on-demand courses, labs and skill badges that provide you with real-world, hands-on experience using Google Cloud technologies essential to the Data Analyst role.

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