Save Money With GCP !!

Cost optimization is about more than saving money — it’s about maximizing the return on what you’re spending. In any business, cost optimization is an essential practice. The primary objective of cost optimization is reducing expenses and bringing discipline to company’s spending. Getting the best pricing on all business purchases, especially services is vital to manage the expenses and increasing the profit. All the businesses try to reduce their expenses by following different cost optimization techniques.

The three steps to managing Google Cloud costs are:

1. Understanding what your costs are.

2. Putting controls in place to prevent you from overspending.

3. Being able to optimize your resources.

Want to prove your cost optimization skills? There are labs for that:

  1. The Optimize Costs for Kubernetes Engine quest, where you will learn about the tools and techniques to help optimize resource usage and eliminate unnecessary costs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): create and manage a multi tenant cluster, monitor resource usage by namespace, configure cluster and pod autoscaling, configure load balancing, and set up liveness and readiness probe.
  2. The Optimizing Your Google Cloud Costs quest where you’ll learn several ways to control and optimize your Google Cloud costs, including setting up budgets and alerts, managing quota limits, and taking advantage of committed use discounts. In the hands-on labs, you’ll practice using various tools to control and optimize your Google Cloud costs or to influence your technology teams to apply the cost optimization best practices.

Everyone wants to save money wherever they can, and that includes reducing their spend in their Google Cloud Platform. So get hands on experience to these two amazing quests now!! And optimize your costs by using code 1q-gcp-03 to get 9 free credits. (Offer valid till 2nd June 2021)