Red Challenge

The latest and newest round of the Arcade and your chance to grab your next Arcade point is here! Join the 3rd round of the New Year, New Skills Challenge and claim your next game badge!

Whether you are thinking Devops, Data, Network or just exploring, we can help you reconnoiter and learn new skills. You might go deeper on a familiar topic, or you might learn something totally new.

So let’s take a quick look at which new skills you can pick up at the Red Challenge of the New Year, New Skills Challenge 2023:

1) Recovery and Security Skills:
Backup and disaster recovery are essential components in any business continuity plan. Learn how to enable point-in-time recovery on a Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance, perform a point-in-time recovery, confirm that the recovered database reflects an earlier point in time and much more!

2) Load Balancer Skills:
Learn how to create an HTTPS load balancer to forward traffic to a custom URL map and load balancing modules for Terraform, configure Terraform in the Google Cloud environment, create a global HTTPS Content-Based Load Balancer and more!

3) Traffic Flow Skills:
Learn how to create a secure, high-throughput VPN and test the speed, Create a VPC to simulate your cloud production network, Allow common types of traffic to flow through the VPC and much more!

4) Dialogflow CX skills:
Learn how to enable and configure IVR features, add in NoMatch and NoInput handling scenarios to escalate to an Agent, add in rich voice responses with SSML and more!

So don’t wait, book your seat today and explore a buffet of new skills that will help you start your year on a high! Join Now!



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