Qwiklabs ACE Week: Accelerate your career

Accelerate your career with Qwiklabs! This week, we’re laser-focused on getting ACE certified. It’s the perfect starting point for your career in cloud. Certification exams are challenging. But this week we’ll work together to help you prepare and get hands-on practice with key GCP tools. Complete 4 skill badges geared towards ACE certification this week to get a 20% discount voucher for your exam.

Monday: Join the challenge! Then, take on the first quest on our list, Create and Manage Cloud Resources. This quest is designed to help you orient yourself and understand the basics of GCP. Join here.

Tuesday: Learn to build and connect storage-centric cloud infrastructure using the basic capabilities of the of the following technologies: Cloud Storage, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Functions, and Pub/Sub. Enroll here. (But make sure to join the challenge here so we know who to send the discount voucher to!)

Wednesday: Level-up! The labs get a little more complex now that you’ve successfully completed two introductory quests. Today, learn multiple ways to deploy and monitor applications, including how to: explore IAM roles and add/remove project access, create VPC networks, deploy and monitor Compute Engine VMs, write SQL queries, deploy and monitor VMs in Compute Engine, and deploy applications using Kubernetes with multiple deployment approaches. Enroll here.

Thursday: Terraform! Get hands-on experience building, changing, and destroying infrastructure, managing local and remote state, importing infrastructure, and building your own modules. This skill badge was just released — hope you enjoy! Enroll here.

Friday: Life happens. Catch up on anything you didn’t quite get to during the week. No pressure, you have a few days left to earn those four skill badges.

Weekend: Finish up by Sunday evening, and we’ll be in touch shortly so you can register for the exam!

Don’t forget to join the challenge here so we know who to send the discount voucher to. Good luck on today’s quest!