Prepare for Google Cloud Certification with hands-on learning!

Step 1: Fill out this form

Fill out all the details in the form and select the Google Cloud certification path you’re interested in . You can choose from the following options:

Step 2:

You’ll receive a recommended learning path for the certification of your choice and exclusive training offers, including one month free access to Qwiklabs and one month free to a relevant specialization on Coursera (for first time users only)*, when you register and claim your offers by September 30, 2020.

  1. Get 1 month free access to Qwiklabs and complete quests to earn Google Cloud skill badges to share with your professional network
  2. For new learners, a free relevant specialization on Coursera*
  3. Receive a six week study plan designed by Googlers
  4. Earn a 30% discount on Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer exam
  5. Get recognized as a Google Cloud certified professional in the industry



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