Use AI to Predict Housing Prices!

Machine learning is one of the boons of technology which can be used day to day life and that too efficiently and effectively. Google cloud has already understood the importance of machine learning and is incorporating this in various mediums possible. On Qwiklabs you will find many interesting labs which include case studies with real life scenarios. One such interesting lab is Predict Housing Prices with Tensorflow and AI Platform.

In this lab, you will build an end to end machine learning solution with the help of Tensorflow and AI Platform and leverage the cloud for distributed training and online prediction. Here is a diagram to explain the functions of Tensorflow.

Let us have a look at what all you will be doing in this lab


The setup of this lab is simple and just like all other labs. You can follow the instructions given in the lab to be ready with the setup of this lab.

Create Storage Bucket

There are three simple steps to create a bucket. The first one is to navigate to the Storage in order to create a bucket. When you are creating a bucket, make sure that you are using a unique name. It is recommended that you make use the project email ID for the bucket name as it is unique. You need to create a regional bucket. Refer to the screenshot below to see how.

Once you select the location type click on the Create Bucket button.

Launch AI Platform Notebooks

In this section you have to follow the steps and refer to the screenshots given in the lab. Once you do that your notebook will be created. It takes some time for the creation of the notebook. Follow the first two steps and wait till you see this screen below before your proceed

Download lab notebook

In this step you will download the lab notebook by using a git command to clone the git repo tensorflow_teaching_examples. You need to follow the steps and match the screenshots to your screen to ensure that you are on the right path. Click on the “Check my Progress” button after you see this screen

Open and execute the housing prices notebook

This is the final step of this lab and it is a little bit complicated but not if you read the instructions carefully! :P

You need to navigate to the file cloud-ml-housing-prices.ipynb. You can easily navigate here if you follow the instructions. In the next step you need to Clear All Outputs you can do it from here

You need to change Kernel you need to click on the top right corner where you see the option “No Kernel”. Then you need to select Python 3 as the option. Here is a screenshot for your reference

Once you are done with this follow the steps given in the notebook for completing the lab. Read carefully through the instructions and add the content in the cells wherever necessary. For example you need to add the Project Id as well as the bucket name.

Once you activate each and every cell in the lab you will be able to get the full score for the lab.

Click on the “Check My Progress” button to see if you have done everything correctly.

That’s a wrap for this lab. Enter code 1q-predict-339 for 3 free credits on your learning journey (valid through December 20th.)