No Coding, Just Fusion

“Data Fusion” sounds like something out of a science fiction story, but this new pair of Qwiklabs quests are as real as it gets. No matter your experience level with codeless pipeline building, you’ll get hands-on experience earning the newest badges in the catalog.

Building Codeless Pipelines on Cloud Data Fusion — Get started with the fundamentals of Cloud Data Fusion, a cloud-native, code-free, data integration platform. ETL Developers, Data Engineers and Analysts can focus on building and deploying pipelines without worrying about writing code.

Building Advanced Codeless Pipelines on Cloud Data Fusion — Build on your knowledge from the previous quest by exploring advanced data integration features. Learn the best practices for building more robust, reusable, dynamic data pipelines.

So get started mastering the building blocks of codeless pipeline building with Data Fusion today — and enter code 1q-fusion-987 for 5 credits off your learning journey (valid through June 21st).




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