Next ’20 OnAir — Week 8 Highlights

2 min readSep 2, 2020


Alan Turing, the father of artificial intelligence, once said that the purpose of AI was to “do something really new”. This week, Next ’20 OnAir more than rose to the challenge. Here are some of the highlights of a week celebrating innovation of AI on the Cloud.

What’s Next for Personalization on Google Cloud — Hear how companies like Qubit and BigCommerce have successfully deployed Recommendations AI for their customers, which can provide highly personalized help for online retail customers. If you’re looking to provide your customers with the same level of care you would during an in-person shopping experience, this breakout session is for you.

Measuring and Improving Speech-to-Text Accuracy — Join Google Product Manager Calum Barnes to learn more about how Speech-to-Text API provides incredible accuracy and accessibility. Now, it includes new tools for enhancing accuracy and customizing the model for your industry, domain, or use case.

Looking for hands-on experience with Speech-to-Text APIs? You can enroll in the Google Cloud Speech API: Qwik Start lab right now.

Google Cloud — and more importantly, it’s thousands of users — are doing something really new. Will you?