Next ’20 OnAir — Week 4 Highlights

Now more than ever, safety is a priority. While you keep yourself safe by washing your hands and wearing a mask, Google Cloud can take care of keeping your data safe. It’s time to explore new tools for detecting and stopping threats, collaborating and sharing access safely, and mastering compliance on public clouds.

Welcome to Week 4 of Next ’20 OnAir — Security.

Want to learn more about Cloud Security from the experts? We’ve picked out some of the highlights from this week’s demos, keynotes, and breakout sessions for you to peruse.

A Better, Safer Normal — Google VPs Vint Cerf and Sundil Potti go over how to (re-) prioritize your security initiatives during the time of COVID-19. Learn how you can achieve operational security with simplicity, and how Google Cloud is helping customers while keeping costs down.

If you’d like to get practical, hands-on experience strengthening your security, make sure to check out our brand new skill badge quest, Build and Secure Networks in the Google Cloud.

How Certification Impacted My Career — Thinking about getting Google Cloud certified? Hundreds are glad that they did, like Jewel Langevine. Find out how she earned three certifications and became a Solution Engineer at Google.

It’s safe to say (see what we did there?) that Week 4 of Next ’20 OnAir is a must-watch for anyone trying to improve and innovate their network security. If you haven’t signed up for Next yet, there’s no time like the present! See you OnAir!



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