New Year New Skills!

A New Year means new challenges, new opportunities, new goals and ofcourse new resolutions! And like every year, helping you skill up tops our list!

Acquiring new skills doesn’t just make a person more employable but they also empower them as individuals. On the other hand, for organizations, upskilling its employees leads to improved productivity, increased retention rates and enhanced employee performance.

But how do you tell the world about your skills?

This is where professional certifications come into play. For example, Google Cloud Certifications help in validating your knowledge and skills in particular areas and provide you with a competitive edge while growing in your career.

So kick-off 2023 with the New Year New Skills Challenge. This January, explore a wide range of new skills with a new challenge every week. This challenge might help you deep dive into a familiar topic or you might learn something totally new. Either way, by the end of January, you can add 23(ish) new skills to your toolkit!

So, whether you’re thinking about Google Cloud’s Data, DevOps or Networking certifications, or just exploring, this is the challenge to help you start your year strong and earn 4 Arcade badges in January!
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But hang on!
There’s a chance to win 5th Arcade Point this month as well!
Qwiklabs Trivia January 2023 is now live!
Test your knowledge to claim the Qwiklabs Trivia January Badge and don’t forget to watch for a brand new type of trivia!
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Use Code: 1q-newskills-23 for credits!

Limited code redemptions– Grab your no-cost credits now! (Valid Through: 6th January 2023 )



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