National Pet Day 2022

Although it’s on 11th of April every year, if you are a pet owner, you know that there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t celebrate your animal companion!

So hug your hedgehog, bond with your bunny and cut your cat some catnip because it’s time to celebrate The National Pet Day 2022!

On this day pet owners everywhere celebrate their pets and the many things pets bring to our lives in the United States. However, pet owners all over the world take this day to give thanks for their pets.

A reason that makes a relationship between a human and an animal companion truly mutual, interdependent and a beautiful one is that it reveals the wonderful side of our nature. We do not simply own our pets, we love them.

We become best friends with them and form bonds that are reciprocal and truly unconditional. We give them access to consistent safety, health, comfort and other logistical things and in return they help us remind us of a side of ourselves that we want so deeply to live.

Research has already shown us that pet owners are emotionally more stable and physically active. The act of walking a dog alone can cause these changes!

Yet Sometimes work or other priorities don’t allow us to find time for our pets and so Google has got you covered! Wouldn’t it be great to keep your pets occupied when you’re not around? With Google Play for Pets, your furry friends can keep busy with thousands of games and apps throughout the day.

Keeping our animal companion healthy and fit is important as well and so read through a fictitious business scenario where Jacob started the Pet Theory chain of veterinary clinics which has been expanding rapidly. Now, Pet Theory is experiencing some growing pains:
1) Their appointment scheduling system is not able to handle the increased load.
2) Customers aren’t receiving lab results reliably through email and text, and veterinarians are spending more time with insurance companies than with their patients.

Jacob wants to build a cloud-based system that scales better than the legacy solution and doesn’t require lots of ongoing maintenance. The team has decided to go with serverless technology and looking towards you for help!

Complete the Google Cloud Run Serverless Quest and assist the characters in each lab in implementing a serverless solution!

Use Code: 1q-petday-22 for free credits!



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