Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Construct Digital Transformation with Looker

  1. How DX can improve customer lifetime value: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products have a long lifespan, 20–30 years. Historically, profits at time-of-sale were prioritized over customer lifetime value. DX is an opportunity to change that. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries created their Digitalization Promotion Group to lead DX efforts at all of its roughly 20 companies, and is focussed on using digital tools to build lifetime relationships with customers.
  2. How DX can improve ops around the org: Speed. To offer a valuable customer experience, there needs to be a quick turnaround of the PDCA process, where a product is manufactured, customer feedback is obtained, and modifications are made promptly. The Development Promotion Team is responsible for both the architectural aspect of designing the entire DX structure, as well as the engineering aspect for its implementation.
  3. How DX can democratize data: An important key in building a company’s culture is the idea of sharing knowledge. Even with visual operational status of industrial machinery data from IoT and its exploratory analyses, there must be a dashboard that displays such data to business divisions and customers.




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