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Until recently we thought of working and learning as separate experiences. School was meant for learning and jobs were meant for working.

As a student, One might think that there is plenty of time to decide on a career path and to acquire the skills needed to market oneself successfully. It is often believed that completing an academic program will lead to a guaranteed job. This is not always true. What can you do to make yourself attractive to a future employer?

In today’s competitive job market it is essential that you possess relevant skills and experiences that will set you apart from everyone else. Work-based learning experiences can help you focus on your career interests and develop job skills.

  • Learning new skills or earning a certification can result in a raise upwards of $12,000 a year.
  • 87% IT professionals take certifications seriously as 87% of them have at least one certification.
  • Careers in cloud computing can lead to top-paying salaries.

Qwiklabs is here to help you to achieve the skills and certifications that will completely change the trajectory of your careers

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