Learn SQL from Scratch!

Your Takeaway

In this lab, you will learn how to:

Set up

First of all, make sure you sign in to your Qwiklabs account using an incognito window. Then, it’s usually a good idea to read through the lab manual before starting your lab. When you are ready, click on the start lab button.

The Basics of SQL

Go through the basics about the SQL keywords in the lab instructions and practice it. Also you can test your understanding by answering questions given in the lab instructions.

Exploring the BigQuery Console

BigQuery is a fully managed data warehouse. Take a moment to explore the BigQuery console. Get familiar with the query editor and features of its UI. You will work with ‘London Bicycle Hires’ dataset.

More SQL Keywords

Get familiar with some more SQl keywords like GROUP BY, COUNT, AS and ORDER BY. Query the dataset and see the results. Understanding the SQL keywords is the step while working with big datasets. Test your understanding then.

Working with Cloud SQL

There are two formats of data accepted by Cloud SQL: dump files (.sql) or CSV files (.csv). In your next step you will export the data into .csv files and upload them in the cloud storage. Go through the lab instructions to perform this step. You can rename the downloaded files as ‘result 1’ and ‘result 2’ to avoid confusion. Check your progress after this step.

New Queries in Cloud SQL

In this step you will learn about CREATE along with some other keywords and create a database. Go through the lab instructions and check your progress after performing this step. Happy learning.



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