Jingle into week 2 of the #QwiklabsExpress!

2 min readDec 21, 2021


We have arrived at the second stop of our journey. This week, let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand career paths, and learning resources to help you get there.

1. Cloud Digital Leader:

A Cloud Digital Leader understands the capabilities of core Google Cloud products and services and how they can be used to achieve business goals.

The Cloud Digital Leader learning path is designed to skill-up individuals and teams that work with technical Google Cloud practitioners so they can contribute to strategic cloud-related business decisions. This cert is not just for people in tech roles. You might be a project manager, an analyst, a product manager, or any other role where business decisions matter. (Every role!) The learning path culminates in a certification exam. Check out Cloud Advocate’s review here.
Salary: $90,000 to $120,000

2. Machine Learning Engineer:

Ever wonder where those “recommended products” come from when you’re gift shopping online? Might be BigQuery ML! Machine learning engineers are tech experts who design programs that automate certain predictive objects or models. They design algorithms that identify patterns in data and learn from them. These professionals also perform tasks much like a data scientist would, where they’ll work with large amounts of data to analyze, sort and integrate machine learning to carry out development projects.

Salary: $132,442

3. Cloud Architect:

A Cloud Architect has the expertise and skills to design cloud solutions that meet and surpass an organization’s needs. With the help of Cloud Architects, more and more teams are realizing their full potential with lower cost, more reliable infrastructure, and powerful data tools at every level of the business.
Salary: $147,380

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