Infrastructure as a Code with Terraform

Tata Communications needed a way to–

  • Cloud vendor independence and portability when needed, with the least effort.
  • Stable, easily customized deployment.
  • Secure infrastructure and data.
  • Code build and release management tasks to be automated.
  • All infrastructure deployment tasks to be automated to minimize the impact of staff turnover.

The tool that fits all of these requirements?


The infrastructure where Terraform can be used includes low-level components such as compute instances, storage, and networking; and high-level components such as DNS entries, SaaS features, etc.


Use multiple cloud platforms at your company? Terraform can handle that too.

Terraform uses multiple provider plugins to create, modify, and destroy resources on infrastructure providers like AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack. This feature provides code portability across multiple cloud providers and helps to provision normalize infrastructure on any cloud.

For example, Tata Communications uses AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline as the DevOps services.

After the developer engages the code in GIT, the CI/CD automation helps Tata Communications to perform a hands-free drop of the application code across multiple environments (development, QA, pre-production and production). The CICD pipeline across the environments is tracked and an AWS SNS feature sends information to the DevOps team.

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