In the Cloud on World Tourism Day

Any day is a good day to explore something new, but it’s especially appropriate on World Tourism Day which we celebrated on 27th September. We could take this opportunity to talk about the Google Maps API. We could invite you on a tour of GCP and Qwiklabs. Or we could point you to the Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge, where you can take a (FREE) tour of many different Google Cloud tools and use cases. But instead, we decided to write an ode to our favorite travel companion. That’s right, this is an ode to Hats.

Let’s see exactly why a hat is a great travel companion!

  • We’ll start with the most obvious reason, Hats protect you from the sun.
  • Your sunglasses (arguably the worst travel companions) broke or fell out of your pocket on the train, so you need a hat to shade your eyes while you’re at the beach or on a boat.
  • Are you a celebrity trying to relax without the paparazzi chasing you? Pop a hat on your head and *boom* incognito mode, engaged.
  • Whether you’re road-tripping or city tripping, when you get back to your room, the inside of your hat is the perfect spot for your keys, phone, sunglasses and hotel card. Gotta think out of the box right?
  • Wearing a hat works wonders for your selfie game. Have you ever seen a bad photo of someone wearing a hat?
  • No more bad hair days! Even if it’s been, well, a couple days since your last real shower.

Looking for a new hat to join you on your journey? You’re in luck. Safe travels, and see you in the cloud!

But what’s with hats and this World Tourism Day?

Check it out now….