How To Recover From A Disaster In IT?

Disaster: any situation that causes a huge loss.

Have you ever encountered a disaster at work? In the world of IT, service interruptions might happen due to bad weather at a data center, a cyber attack, a bad web head, an inefficient query, etc.

Disasters happen. But with a little advance planning, you can be better prepared for the next IT emergency. Here’s a handy framework for designing your approach to disaster recovery.

One of the most common risk mitigation strategies in 2021? Adopting cloud technology. Consider a scenario when you have deployed your applications on Google Cloud. If a natural disaster occurs, your application will be safe in the cloud with Google Cloud’s global network. Need more compute resources in a hurry? Scale up and down with ease while you diagnose and fix inefficient SQL without interrupting your customers. (Learn more about Disaster Recovery.)

Ability to react quickly and efficiently to unknown scenarios is why Cloud Computing skills are in huge demand in the market today.

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