How Google Cloud helped the Lionesses reach the final of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™

3 min readSep 8


As the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ unfolded in Australia, all eyes were on England’s formidable football representatives — the Lionesses. Fresh from their colossal performances in the Barclays Women’s Super League, the team found themselves on the precipice of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ final. Their journey to the final round was not without its challenges, but they persevered — and Google Cloud was a vital part of the toolkit they used to craft their success.

At the end of their individual club commitments, the Lionesses found themselves just two months away from one of the most important events in international football. With a group of players who hadn’t yet practiced as a single team, steadily growing public excitement, and an accelerated timeline, the Football Association (the FA) of England needed to mold the Lionesses into an optimally cohesive unit — and fast. The FA determined that tailored training programs for each player, programs that catered specifically to each teammate’s unique physical and mental needs, would be the foundation upon which they could build the strongest potential. That meant complex decisions needed to be made based on highly nuanced and comprehensive player insights — and everything fell under strict timelines, and the constraints of limited interactions beyond national camps. How would they devise these programs, and implement them, in such a short time?

This is where the Performance Insights team came in, an initiative established by the FA’s Physical Performance, Medicine, and Nutrition department in 2020. The Performance Insights team had a singular mission: to empower coaching staff with prompt, insightful decisions. Google Cloud emerged as a vital partner, bridging the gap between a deluge of diverse data and real-time decision making, which was integral in propelling the Lionesses on a path to success.

The Performance Insights team was able to use Google Cloud’s capabilities to make immediate post-training reports during the intense and concentrated World Cup preparations..This new approach allowed the coaching staff to get real-time data from all over the field, which helped them make better decisions and improve the Lionesses’ chances of winning on a highly competitive stage.

At the heart of this transformation? Turning data into strategy. A multitude of data streams converged — intricate match event records, precision-laden training GPS trackers, insights from player clubs, even player-driven wellness inputs. Google Cloud’s BigQuery then stepped onto the field, channeling torrents of data into tangible visual reports. Within minutes, coaches were able to integrate their understanding of players’ readiness levels into their strategies.

By automating manual processes and weaving a seamless data-sharing network, Google Cloud not only endowed coaches with time but also unlocked doors to tactical innovation and holistic player well-being. As the Lionesses roared through the Women’s World Cup, this partnership stood as a testament to cutting-edge technology harmonizing with athletic prowess, scripting an indelible story of triumph against all odds.

When the final whistle in the semi final echoed, the impact of the partnership was felt around the world. The Lionesses had embraced a multifaceted approach, fortified by Google Cloud’s insights. They had merged opportunity and preparation into an unstoppable force, and their journey to the Women’s World Cup final was a testament to the infinite possibilities of data science. This was a story of resilience, empowerment, and the inseparable bond between technology and human aspiration.

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