Google is a Leader at the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

  • Augmented Data Management Focus and Ecosystem Vision:
    Google Cloud Dataplex provides unification across GCP data services with automatic data discovery, metadata harvesting, life cycle management, data quality, integration and governance capabilities. GCP is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and ML capabilities to augment this ecosystem as much as possible. Google is a leader in the AI and ML space (for example — TensorFlow).
  • Open Cloud Infrastructure With Modern Capabilities:
    GCP provides a modern cloud environment. Most offerings are serverless, and Google’s Colossus data store provides a common framework for data, enabling features such as federated queries between Spanner and BigQuery. Further, GCP is pursuing a strategy of openness and has started allowing easy access and consumption of data in other clouds through products like BigQuery Omni.
  • Differentiated Datasets and Growing Vertical Industry Focus:
    GCP provides easy integration and consumption of proprietary Google datasets such as Google Trends, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Ads and others. GCP is also investing in streamlined, vertical industry solutions with a dedicated and growing industry-oriented sales force.




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