Google Cloud Helps US Navy Maintain and Repair Vessels

The United States recently celebrated the National Navy Day. Navies across the world hold great importance in national security and even in distress and natural disasters such as floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes etc. The Navy is always called upon for rescue and relief operations. But Navies have problems of their own too. For example, The U.S. Navy spends billions annually to fight rust and corrosion on its ships. Of course, this is to be expected given its vessels are largely made of steel.

However, inspections of ships, aircraft and vehicles are a time-consuming and critical part of keeping the U.S. Navy at top performance.

To address this issue, Google Cloud successfully completed the first phase of its project to help identify rust and corrosion in hard-to-reach places of ships.

Google Cloud built an AI-based corrosion-detection system for the US navy, which will be used to automate inspections of vessels, vehicles and aircrafts ultimately saving billions of dollars.

Google Cloud Results:

  • Detected and analyzed corrosion on vessels with 90% accuracy.
  • Currently expanding to other platforms, including aircraft and vehicles.
  • Placed cutting-edge new tools into the hands of Navy and Marine Corps workers to stem the tide of corrosion.
  • Projected- billions of dollars to be saved across the US federal government.
  • AI-based corrosion detection and analysis systems have potential to support other groups beyond the federal government.

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