Google Cloud Badges: The Journey so far…

As thousands of technical professionals look for ways to stay productive and keep their skills current, the Google Cloud team saw a spike in demand for Google Cloud learning resources. In the month of April, enrollments in Google Cloud training on Coursera increased by more than 500%.

The Google Cloud Learning team is committed to developing cloud professionals across all stages of their career as well as enabling enterprises who need cloud expertise to respond, adapt, and transform to dynamic market pressures. To help, the Google Cloud team launched Google Cloud Badges which help in showcasing GCP skills and get a competitive edge when it comes to your career.

The Google Cloud Badge has gained worldwide popularity. The number of badges earned by Google Cloud enthusiasts all over the world is 27,167 — and counting.

Here is a glimpse of what about our user experience with Skill badges:

Why Complete a Google Cloud Badge?

Gain hands-on experience:

  • Learn real-world skills on the Google Cloud console using Qwiklabs

Show your Google Cloud recognized skills

  • Share your Google Cloud badges with your network and on your resume.

Build cloud talent on your team

  • Identify growing cloud skill sets on your team and in your organization.

Sign up today for your Google Cloud Badge and upgrade your Google Cloud skills now! Take your pick from here and get started with your Google Cloud Journey.

Get 1-month free access to the Qwiklabs catalog here and start your own skill badge journey today!




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