Five Star Friday: Top-rated labs in your own words

We’re changing things up a little this week, and featuring top-rated labs in your own words. Read on to discover the best of the Qwiklabs catalog, from intro to expert level:

  1. “Very helpful.” AI Platform: Qwik Start, 60 minutes, 1 credit, intro level. Train and deploy a TensorFlow model to AI Platform for serving (prediction).
  2. “A really good introduction to a powerful tool!” Design Conversational Flows for your Agent, 90 minutes, 5 credits, fundamental level. Contact Center AI can increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by improving call deflection rates, and achieve shorter handling, while making overall operations faster and more effective. In this lab, you’ll learn how to use Dialogflow to create a conversational interface.
  3. “Short and intuitive lab!” Machine Learning with Spark on Google Cloud Dataproc, 90 minutes, 7 credits, advanced level. You will implement logistic regression using a machine learning library for Apache Spark running on a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster to develop a model for data from a multivariable dataset.
  4. “Great lab teaching about kubectl pods and services.” Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes, 75 minutes, 9 credits, expert level. You will provision a complete Kubernetes cluster using Google Container Engine; deploy and manage Docker containers using kubectl; and break an application into microservices using Kubernetes’ Deployments and Services.

Feedback is very important to us at Qwiklabs. We are always striving to improve and do a better job of helping you reach your personal and professional goals. Thank you for helping us by providing feedback. Why not leave us a review this weekend if you have a few minutes? Use code 1q-stars-306 and click here to take one lab free (good for the next 24 hours only).



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