Five badges, four weeks, three days remaining!

Thanks for joining us for the Learn to Earn Challenge. With only a few days left, we hope you learned something new, earned some new credentials (here’s why that’s important), and gained a deeper understanding of how Google Cloud can work for you. And we hope you enjoyed a few of the plot twists along the way.

So what’s next? Google Cloud skills are in demand. 80%+ of IT leaders report that the shortage of cloud computing skills will slow down their cloud projects. We want to help you take advantage of opportunities to grow your career by learning new skills.

So really, what’s next? Well, you have a few days left to finish up the last few labs and make your selections. Then the Google Cloud Next ’21 conference kicks off next week! Join the conversation and register here.

And a sincere thank-you for including us in your learning journey. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

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