Entertainment’s Data Driven Journey!

3 min readJul 27


PVR has emerged as a trailblazer, committed to delivering unforgettable movie experiences to its diverse audience in the world of new age cinema, where storytelling meets technology. Recognizing the shifting expectations of modern movie-goers, PVR sought to provide personalized and immersive cinematic journeys. To achieve this ambitious goal, PVR harnessed the power of data analytics with the help of Google Cloud’s game-changing solution — BigQuery.

As the lines between online premieres and traditional screenings blur, audiences now expect more than just a passive movie-watching experience. They crave cutting-edge 4D effects, luxurious seating and a wide array of delectable food choices. PVR, an industry leader in India, understood this paradigm shift and has been dedicated to offering the best cinematic services. Boasting 846 screens across 176 cinemas in 71 cities of India and Sri Lanka, PVR offers everything from child-friendly auditoriums and state-of-the-art projection technologies to in-seat food services and even drive-in cinemas.

However, during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, PVR encountered a pivotal moment that compelled them to rethink their approach. They realized that to thrive in the post-pandemic landscape, personalization was the key. Data was the bridge that could connect PVR with its audience on a deeper level, enhancing the cinematic journey and driving business growth. But traditional manual data aggregation and on-premises data centers posed challenges to scalability and efficiency. PVR needed a dynamic solution that could handle the massive influx of digital data and streamline their analytics process.

BigQuery, Google Cloud’s powerful data warehouse solution, helped to revolutionize PVR’s data management approach. By leveraging the power of BigQuery in late 2020, PVR built a centralized data warehouse that synchronized streaming transaction data from edge devices and other sources in near real-time. The results were nothing short of extraordinary — data insights were now generated with more than 12 times higher efficiency, enabling faster and informed decision-making.

Google Cloud Results:

  • Achieved over 12 times higher efficiency in generating data insights.
  • Streamlined data synchronization from 174 cinemas in near real-time.
  • Realized a 40% higher cost efficiency for data storage and analytics.

BigQuery’s seamless scalability empowered PVR’s data team to adapt nimbly to changing demands. The transition to automated data pipelines and real-time data synchronization reduced the team’s burden, allowing them to focus on in-depth data analysis and the delivery of valuable business insights. PVR could now craft personalized cinema experiences and design targeted offerings tailored to individual preferences.

Fueling innovation further, PVR developed a customer data platform on a third-party digital marketing platform, effectively consolidating years of customer data. Thanks to BigQuery’s accelerated data query time, the migration was accomplished in under six weeks, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences and behaviors. Armed with this rich data, PVR now seamlessly delivers real-time personalized alerts and reminders to customers through their apps, enhancing their movie-going experience with tailored offers and value vouchers.

As PVR continues its journey of growth, they look to leverage Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to deploy advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. This includes providing more accurate product recommendations based on customer engagement history and predictive analytics to optimize resource allocation and minimize waste. With Google Cloud as their trusted partner, PVR is poised to reshape the cinematic landscape, redefining movie experiences and solidifying their position as a data-driven pioneer in the industry.

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