Diwali with Google Clout!

Thank you for joining the Diwali Challenge 2022! While your hunt for all the game badges continues, here’s your chance to win the next badge because Diwali Game 4: Firecrackers and Firebase is now live!

In this game you will learn how to import data into a Firestore database, create a build pipeline with Cloud Build to automate deployments, and build a Google Assistant application. Earn the badge for an arcade point and get one step closer to your swag goal!

In Game 4, you will also notice “Diwali Brain Teaser 2” which is a Google Clout! In this challenge, you will learn how to import data from a Cloud Storage bucket into a Cloud Spanner (Google Standard SQL) database.

So time to stretch your brain with a couple of Google Clout challenges and you can also share your score and be a part of the global conversation!

Important Reminder: Clouts are optional and you could just google solutions if you really wanted to, but what’s the fun in that? Instead you can find the solutions yourself with the help of this quest!



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