Diwali In The Cloud

It’s almost Diwali! And while you are busy going through your closet and organizing stuff properly, we have put together a checklist of all the things you should consider doing before Diwali!

Shopping for a brand new outfit:
We definitely don’t want to be seen in last season’s attire! And so, shopping for a brand new outfit to wear on this Diwali tops our checklist!

Fall Cleaning:
Cleaning, dusting and doing all your laundry is a ‘cleansing’ ritual during Diwali!

Decorating your home:
Decorate your home with colorful Rangolis, lanterns and of course lights to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity!

Preparing a festive meal:
Making sweets, snacks and irresistible delicacies are a tradition for Diwali and are often given as gifts too. So don your aprons and get the frying pans ready for some tasty treats!

Buying Gifts:
You might have missed on buying gifts for a friend, neighbor or for your colleagues. While making a quick trip to the market for all the things you plan on buying, make sure to carry a list of people you still have to buy gifts for!

Bringing in the fireworks:
Fireworks are commonly used to ward off evil during the celebrations. But, make sure you save them for the actual day of Diwali.

Getting ready for Diwali in the Cloud:
Surely, you must be eagerly waiting for the Diwali Challenge! Seats open up soon, meanwhile you can activate the Arcade for your account, so you’re ready at the game time!

Have a happy and a safe Diwali,
See you in the Cloud!



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