Bigger and Better Slingshot with Google Cloud

Rovio, creator of the blockbuster Angry Birds game series, turned to Google App Engine when it came time to adapt its mobile apps for web browsers. They needed a platform that could sustain explosive demand and provide robust capabilities to deliver the best user experience. Google App Engine provided them with a win-win situation by providing both while requiring minimum maintenance. This gives the company’s developers time to focus on improving the games.

Rovio needed a platform that would scale effortlessly. The mobile app had already hit more than 140 million downloads, and the team expected demand for the free online version to be overwhelming. Hence they decided to choose Google App Engine to build the game because they knew it would allow them to work quickly and provide the scalability needed to support an enormous user base.


• Transition the highly popular “Angry Birds” games to an online environment.

• Use a platform that could support explosive demand.

• Easily add new features to improve the user experience.

• Rovio turned to Google App Engine to take advantage of automatic scalability.

• Deployed new games quickly with teams consisting of one or two developers per game.

• Integrated features such as the HighReplication Datastore and Users API to provide scalable, secure storage and to easily authenticate users.

• Created highly engaging games that have attracted millions of online users.

• Remained focused on enhancing game features, thanks to minimal setup and maintenance requirements.

• Capitalized on opportunities to expand their audience and grow the business by developing customized games in less than two weeks.

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