Better Together: Partnering for Success in the Cloud

2 min readFeb 20


The Better Together Challenge brought together the best of Google Cloud and its partners to offer participants an opportunity to expand their technical skills and knowledge. The challenge included various labs from Google Cloud Partners that covered a wide range of topics and technologies.

Throughout the challenge, Arcade players had access to hands-on labs which helped them build their skills, earn badges and gain practical experience.The challenge was structured to provide participants with practical experience and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of cloud computing.

One of the most significant advantages of the challenge was that it catered to individuals with different skill levels. Participants with no prior experience with Google Cloud could take beginner-level labs that covered the basics of Google Cloud Platform, including topics such as Compute Engine, Kubernetes, and Cloud Storage. In contrast, participants with advanced skills could dive into learning paths focused on emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Arcade players could also learn how to use tools such as TensorFlow and Dialogflow to build their own intelligent applications.

The Better Together Challenge was an excellent opportunity for Arcade players to expand their technical skills and knowledge. The challenge provided a well-structured learning experience that could benefit players in their professional and personal endeavors. With the skills learned in this challenge, Arcade players can be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the future and drive innovation in the field of cloud computing.

But the Arcade fun doesn’t stop here!

Get ready for the next Arcade Game and take your cloud computing skills to the next level. Also, don’t forget to watch out for the last and final round of Trivia February 2023 which starts soon!

Bonus: Learn how to configure Google Cloud to send logging and other infrastructure data to Splunk Cloud via Dataflow, the Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud Platform, and Splunk Connect for Kubernetes (SC4K) with Getting Started with Splunk Cloud GDI on Google Cloud Lab.

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