Best of 2022!

…. And it’s that time of the year again where we all have mixed feelings about the end of the year and beginning of a new one. This is the time where we reflect on all the good things that happened and could have happened in the previous year whilst dreaming of a great new year ahead!

And so before we head into a wonderful 2023, let’s complete your favorite labs in 2022 one more time:

1) Machine Learning with BigQuery ML:
BigQuery ML lets you create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries. Complete the Machine Learning with BigQuery ML and learn how to Deploy a Vertex AI Workbench instance, Build logistic regression model with BigQuery ML, Evaluate the model and more!

2) Firebase Web:
Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. Learn how to use Firebase to easily create web applications by implementing and deploying a chat client using Firebase products and services by completing the Firebase Web Lab.

3) Hardening Default GKE Cluster Configurations:
Hardening Default GKE Cluster Configurations Lab demonstrates some security concerns of a default GKE cluster configuration and the corresponding hardening measures to prevent multiple paths of pod escape and cluster privilege escalation. Upon completion of this lab you will understand the need for protecting the GKE Instance Metadata and defining appropriate PodSecurityPolicy policies for your environment.

4) App Dev: Developing a Backend Service — Python:
Google App Engine lets you manage resources from the command line, debug source code in production and run API backends. With the App Dev: Developing a Backend Service — Python Lab, learn how to create and publish messages to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic, subscribe to the topic to receive messages in a separate worker application, use the Cloud Natural Language Machine Learning API and more.

5) Extract, Analyze, and Translate Text from Images with the Cloud ML APIs:
Explore the power of machine learning by using multiple machine learning APIs together and learn how to create a vision API request and calling the API with curl, using the text detection (OCR) method of the Vision API, use the Translation API to translate text from your image and more with the Extract, Analyze, and Translate Text from Images with the Cloud ML APIs lab!

6) Bayes Classifier on Dataproc:
Explore how to create a two-variable Bayesian model to look at whether to cancel a meeting based on the likely arrival delay of a flight and learn how to create a Dataproc cluster, quantization using Spark SQL, create a Bayes classification model with the Bayes Classifier on Dataproc Lab.

7) Building a High-throughput VPN:
Learn how to create secure, high-throughput VPN and test the speed with the Building a High-throughput VPN Lab.

8) Migrate a MySQL Database to Google Cloud SQL:
Migrate a MySQL Database to Google Cloud SQL is a challenge lab where your challenge will be:

  • You need to create a new Cloud SQL instance to host the migrated database.

9) MLOps with Vertex AI:
Learn how to develop and deploy models using Python and make predictions from the deployed model with MLOps with Vertex AI Lab.

Use Code:1q-bestof-22 for credits!

Limited code redemptions– Grab your no-cost credits now! (Valid Through: 1st January 2023)

See you in the cloud and 2023!



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