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2 min readAug 4


The real estate industry in India was impacted by the pandemic in a number of ways but most importantly it made it more difficult for people to move around, which limited their ability to view properties in person. In response to these challenges, the real estate industry in India began to adopt digital solutions. Online property portals became more popular and real estate companies started using video conferencing and virtual tours to show properties to potential buyers. These digital solutions helped to keep the real estate market afloat during the pandemic and they are likely to continue to be used in the future.

One company that has been at the forefront of this digital transformation is NoBroker. NoBroker is a real estate platform that uses Google Cloud’s AI algorithms to match customers with suitable properties based on their requirements. This process is continuous, meaning that the platform learns from each interaction and improves its accuracy over time. This ensures that property owners, buyers and tenants receive the most accurate results possible.

The platform offers a variety of AI-powered projects, such as:

  • Smart Recommendations: This project uses machine learning to recommend properties to customers that are likely to be of interest to them.
  • Rent-o-meter: This project uses historical data and current market conditions to predict the rent for a property.
  • Refer-And-Earn: This project rewards customers for referring their friends and family to the platform.
  • Touchless Entry: This project uses facial recognition technology to allow customers to enter buildings without having to touch a doorknob.

These AI projects are helping to make the real estate experience more efficient, transparent and convenient for everyone involved.

NoBroker has also successfully addressed network challenges and compliance requirements by moving to Google Cloud. With Google Kubernetes Engine, they reduced maintenance support time by 80%, allowing developers to focus on improving user experience and features. Additionally, they employ Cloud GPUs to accelerate AI development and deliver rich location insights using Google Maps Platform.

The company is also building a data lake called Starship on Cloud Storage, which will help them offer more insightful tools and provide faster and more accurate recommendations to customers. Through its partnership with Google Cloud, NoBroker aims to enhance its AI-first real estate platform and continually improve its machine learning models to serve customers better.

NoBroker looks forward to leveraging the power of Google Cloud and revolutionizing the real estate industry to create a more efficient, transparent and convenient real estate experience for everyone involved. We urge you too, to take the next step in your cloud learning journey by gaining hands-on experience with different Google Cloud tools and technologies. Be a part of shaping the future by joining Arcade Level 1 in August today!

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