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Efforts in the right direction don’t go waste and so does learning anything at Google Cloud Skills Boost. Thank you for joining the Arcade and congratulations on earning game badges and Arcade Points. But do you know, the labs you completed while participating in the different games in the Arcade were a part of different quests?

A quest is a learning path that contains a number of hands-on labs. Complete a quest to earn a badge. A quest is a collection of hands-on labs that teaches you how to use a product or tool. Quests range in difficulty from introductory to advanced. And the most important thing, learners receive a digital skills badge upon completion of the quest.

If a lab is included in games, that lab completion will carry over to each quest. This means that you will never have to complete a lab twice if it has already been completed. Which means while completing Arcade Games you were also moving a step closer to earning skill badges!

So let’s take a look at all the skills badges you can earn to round off the perfect year for Cloud Learning!

Game: GO! A startup & growth mindset challenge.
Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs

Labs Already Taken:

  1. Analyzing Billing Data with BigQuery

Labs Remaining :

  1. A Tour of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs

Game: Diwali Challenge 2022
Quest :
Use Functions, Formulas, and Charts in Google Sheets

Labs Already Taken:

  1. Use Charts in Google Sheets

Labs Remaining:

1) Pivot Tables in Google Sheets
2) Use Functions, Formulas, and Charts in Google Sheets: Challenge Lab

Quest: Serverless Firebase Development | Google Cloud Skills Boost

Labs Already Taken:

  1. Importing Data to a Firestore Database

Labs Remaining :

  1. Serverless Firebase Development: Challenge Lab

You have also completed all of the labs of particular quests while completing the games already. Now all you need to do is just enroll in those quests to claim the skills badges! Check out those quests:

Game: Holiday Challenge 2022: Automation with CI/CD Pipelines.
CI/CD on Google Cloud

Game: Diwali Challenge 2022
Flutter Essentials | Google Cloud Skills Boost

Don’t forget to Use Code: 1q-skillbadges-79 for free credits!
Limited code redemptions– Grab your no-cost credits now!
(Valid Through: 24th December, 2022)



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