Adani Group to use Google Cloud for Faster Solutions

Nowadays most businesses depend on applications in one form or another. Although, simply running an application is not enough to actually succeed. The challenge that many companies face is that they use legacy applications, which were created for a different world but aren’t of much help for their users now.

And to address this issue, application modernization is the way to go for better alignment with an organization’s requirements.

Earlier this year, Google Cloud and Adani Group, teamed up to modernize Adani’s IT operations for future scale and drive group-wide innovation.

One of India’s biggest companies, Adani Group, announced a multi-year, cloud-first partnership with Google Cloud to power the next phase of innovation across India’s fastest-growing diversified business portfolio.

In the first phase, Google Cloud will move Adani’s 250+ business-critical applications, such as its SAP HANA core and peripheral systems to Google Cloud’s secure, reliable and high-speed cloud infrastructure. This will centralize workflows, streamline operations, and enable business users to tap powerful new data capabilities for fast and accurate decision making.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “Adani’s SAP migration is one of the fastest we’ve seen at scale and is already delivering significant value across its business. Our continued collaboration will drive new digital platforms that will have a transformative impact.”

As one of the biggest renewable energy developers, Adani also aims to put India on the green map. Working with the world’s cleanest cloud, Google Cloud, to solve their own efficiency issues, and better manage their facilities across the country to lower their carbon footprint.

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