A Skill Badge That’s Straight 🔥

Nov 9, 2020


Qwiklabs learners around the world can now earn the brand new Introduction to Serverless: Firebase Development skill badge! Firebase is a backend platform that helps design, run, and manage apps.

You’ll get hands-on experience building serverless web apps, importing data into a serverless database, and build a Google Assistant application with Firebase and Google Cloud integrations.

Build a Serverless Web App with Firebase — Put your app-building skills to the test in this business scenario, where you’ll explore real-time updates and info logging for the schedules at a veterinarian’s office.

Google Assistant: Build an Application with Dialogflow and Cloud Functions — Dialog agents search for and detect specific info to generate personalized information for the app’s user — and for you, as you build it.

Complete the 1-hour challenge lab to test your knowledge at the end of the quest, and you’ll earn the exclusive skill badge! But just in case that’s not motivation enough — enroll below and earn 30 days of free access to the whole Qwiklabs catalog.