97% of people surveyed (seriously) said they use YouTube to learn new skills. Whether you’re debugging a bad database call or a leaky faucet, YouTube can help. And now, you can become a member of the Qwiklabs channel and get extra benefits to help you learn new skills. Become a member here.

A Qwiklabs rocket zipping through space
A Qwiklabs rocket zipping through space
Announcing YouTube Memberships on the Qwiklabs channel, the smart way to build your cloud skills.

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To start with — A data warehouse is the most valuable asset of your BI team.

Now let’s see what makes a Data Warehouse so important?

• Data is extracted on a periodic basis from source systems and moved to a dedicated server that contains the data warehouse

• During this process, the data is cleaned, formatted, validated, reorganized, summarized, and integrated with other sources.

A data warehouse delivers value to companies through:

• The generation of scheduled reports.

• Packaged analytical solutions.

• Ad Hoc reporting and analysis.

• Dynamic visualization.

• Storage of historical data.

• Data mining.

16% growth in a year. Average salary over $100k. Projected to grow by 28% through 2026. What career path are we talking about? Data and Machine Learning. This week only, join the ML Challenge, designed to help you be ready for the next step in your career.

Join the challenge for free access to three skill badges and get hands-on experience with ML and AI technologies like BigQuery, Machine Learning APIs, Dialogflow, Explainable AI and more.

Complete the challenge by 30 June 2021, and we’ll send you a 20% discount voucher to take the Professional ML Engineer certification exam. Good luck!

Watch this space for…

  • Resources to help you study for the exam
  • Exploration of different ML career paths

Here’s another list (see previous list) of the labs that require less bandwidth — with one extra lab this time!

A subsidiary of United States-headquartered corporation Yum! Brands, Pizza Hut prides itself on serving more pizzas than any other pizza business. Founded in 1958, Pizza Hut operates 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. In the Indian subcontinent, Pizza Hut and franchise partners Devyani International and Sapphire Foods India operate more than 500 pizza restaurants, including 430 in India itself.

With Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps, Pizza Hut India is meeting demand from tech savvy consumers for fast, traceable delivery and interaction over multiple customer channels, including web, mobile application, voice and in-store — and gaining the insights to expand…

The Euro 2020 tournament is back! The 24 strongest sides from all over Europe are ready to lock horns against each other from 11th June, 2021. But it is the English side that holds the competitive edge over other teams thanks to its use of Google Cloud technology. Gareth Southgate is using a tailored player performance software to pick his squad for the tournament, working with Google Cloud to analyze every detail about Southgate’s squad for Euro 2021, even letting the England boss know how well his players are sleeping at night!

Southgate and team used Big Data to choose…

Ever wonder about the gini coefficient of cryptocurrency? Gini coefficient is the measure of income inequality in a country. Higher gini coefficient indicates higher inequality. In the context of blockchain (concept on which cryptocurrency is based) it represents centralization. Centralization refers to a situation when you have to trust a third party to help conduct transactions, similar to the banking system. In our Exploring the Public Cryptocurrency Datasets Available in BigQuery lab you can learn how to perform a complex query that calculates the gini coefficient for Litecoin and Dash.

Global digitalization poses huge challenges for businesses, whether you’re an early-stage startup or a heavyweight manufacturing giant. But don’t let that scare you. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited turned to Looker for help with their digital transformation (DX), and you can too (even if you’re not the world’s 23rd-largest defense contractor).

  1. How DX can improve customer lifetime value: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products have a long lifespan, 20–30 years. Historically, profits at time-of-sale were prioritized over customer lifetime value. DX is an opportunity to change that. …

Google Cloud got the ultimate test when its customer Niantic released 200 Pokémon, and the entire world had to catch ’em all. Engineers at Google and Niantic prepared for traffic five times beyond expectations at launch. Instead, they dealt with traffic 50 times beyond expectations!

Pokémon GO uses over a dozen services across Google Cloud. And it is the largest Kubernetes deployment ever on Google Container Engine.

Niantic chose Google Container Engine for its ability to orchestrate its container cluster at global scale to service millions of players as the game continuously adapted. See for yourself how Google tools like…

Looking for data insights? Aren’t we all

Luckily, Qwiklabs can help. Your data tells a story about the impact of your work. How sales increased, what brought you more social followers, the ebb and flow of site traffic, demand for products and services, and more. Getting an insight from data is the process of collecting, organizing, visualizing data and finally understanding it. Once you understand the data it can help you in taking many data driven decisions that will help you and your organisation grow.

But how to get those insights? Insights from Data with BigQuery quest was designed to…


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