3 ways Kubernetes can make a developer’s life easier

Opportunities for people with Kubernetes skills are growing. Whether you think of yourself as a developer, a software engineer, or something entirely your own, Kubernetes can make your life* easier, and can help make you even more valuable on the 2021 job market. Here are 3 ways Kubernetes can help:

  1. Logging. Did you click the developer-software-engineer link? #12 on the list, back-end engineer, has the highest average salary and lists logging systems as one of the primary responsibilities. Got an hour? Learn how to use Logging, Monitoring, and GKE to identify errors and trace root cause.
    Lab: Debugging Apps on Google Kubernetes Engine
    75 min, advanced, 7 credits
  2. Data science without the degree. You’ll learn how to use TensorFlow Serving, a tool that makes it easy to deploy new algorithms and experiments, while keeping the same server architecture and APIs. You’ll learn how to run the whole thing in a Docker container, deployed and managed by Kubernetes. And don’t even get me started on the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler… ;-) Sound complicated? It’s easier to learn by doing. So head on over to Qwiklabs →Lab: Autoscaling TensorFlow Model Deployments with TF Serving and Kubernetes
    120 mins, advanced, 7 credits
  3. Gaming. Many game companies are interested in using containers to improve VM utilization as well as take advantage of their isolated run-time paradigm. Despite high interest, many companies don’t know where to start. This lab will show you how to use an expandable architecture for running a real-time, session-based multiplayer dedicated game server using Kubernetes on Google Kubernetes Engine. Lab: Running Dedicated Game Servers in Google Kubernetes Engine 60 mins, expert, 9 credits

And if you’re interested in how to scale to 1M players globally in less than 10 minutes, get the report here.

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*Work life — sorry, we can’t do your laundry for you!